The basic story is that Liz and Lex met at the University of Denver, fell madly in love and moved back to Seattle to spend the rest of their lives together.  Of course the story is different depending on who you ask and even then it's slightly different every time.  This is how Liz and Lex each told their story, on this day:

Liz's Side of the Story

Lex was a year older than me in school at the University of Denver and was very popular on campus and in the Greek system. While I had heard of him during my first quarter of freshman year, I hadn’t actually met this guy.  DU has a winter break between Thanksgiving and New Year’s in which most out-of-state students go back to their hometown and work odd jobs.  Lex worked at a ski shop on the eastside, and ironically, met my parents first when they came in to get ski boots fitted for a ski trip.  He clearly made a great impression on them, because they raved about him and insisted I meet this guy at school in January.  I was dating another sophomore at the time and had no interest in seeking Lex out, especially given that he dated so many other girls I knew (DU is small, and the Greek system smaller).

Fast forward to that spring, when I was suddenly single and imbibing at a crowded party, when I spotted this infamous Lex.  Having some liquid courage, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hi!  You’re Lex, right? I think you met my parents last break back at home.” He barely gave me the time of day with a, “Oh yeah, hi. Nice to meet you,” before walking away.  This only validated why I had never desired to get to know him.  Also at the party that night was another Seattle native who I met when he spilled his drink on me (I would later learn this was an intentional act to get my attention).  After discovering our hometown connection, we agreed to hang out over summer break.

Not soon after arriving back home, the drink spiller called me up to hang out with him and his buddies.  When I showed up to meet him, I was shocked to see Lex there; I had no idea they were friends.  Now we would be forced to get acquainted. Ugh! However, it wasn't before long when I got past his reputation and we started becoming close.  

We maintained a platonic relationship over the next couple of years.  We dated other people and occasionally saw each other on campus, but always made it a point to hang out on break while back at home.  It wasn't until the second quarter of my junior year that we started meeting up on a regular basis at school, and I was ditching my friends to hang out with Lex and his circle. On a night that is still vivid in my memory, he kissed my best friend. (Yes, ouch!) This did not sit with me well at all, and after some imbibing (again with the liquid courage), I marched up to Lex and kissed him that same night without any reservations. Needless to say, we both felt very sheepish the next day and agreed to brush it off.

Well, I didn't brush it off.  Two weeks passed, and after coming to terms with my emotions, I told Lex that I had feelings for him that ran deeper than our friendship.  At the end of my confession, Lex thanked me (who says “thank you” after that kind of speech?!) and expressed he didn't have the same thoughts. Feeling very deflated, I wasn't sure if we would ever be friends again.

Not even a week later, I got a phone call from Lex with an invitation to get gelato together. I was half-way through my second scoop when he expressed his blossoming feelings for me.  I was so relieved! We immediately started dating, and when Lex graduated and moved back to Seattle for a job, we agreed to do long-distance dating during my last year of school. I firmly believe that next year of getting to know each other over Skype is why we are as close to and trusting of each other today.

Fast way, way forward to four-and-a-half years later, and Lex surprised me with a ring on Christmas Day 2013. Here we are now, planning our wedding and looking down the road to come.  I am so eager to become Lex’s wife, and so happy that our relationship is as loving and harmonious as it is today. I love you Lex!

Lex's Side of the Story

The Meet-Cute
The story of how I met the love of my life doesn't begin with a boy and a girl – rather it begins with a boy, a man (don’t get any ideas) and a woman.

It was December 2007, and I was earning some extra “walking-around-money” working at the local ski shop during winter break.  On a day like any other, a couple, albeit a very handsome couple, came into the store to get equipment for their upcoming trip to Sun Valley.  I set-off making every effort to charm them into buying new boots, skis, gloves, helmets, etc.  But in the middle of my pitch I was distracted by the revelation that they had a daughter who was a freshman at the University of Denver (my school) – if this freshman’s mother was any indication, I had to meet her.

In typical sophomoric fashion I went back to school having forgotten all about the exchange, until one night at our local pub (The Border) when I was approached by a group of freshman girls.  One particularly striking girl exclaimed, “You’re Lex, right!?”  (Now keep in mind, the aforementioned sophomoric tendencies, and that this was 8 years ago now – I've grown up a lot)  To which I replied, “Duh, who wants to know?”

The Courting
The next time I saw Lizzy, she was dating one of my much nicer, more humble friends.

In the end, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because Lizzy and I were able to spend the next year and a half together developing our friendship while we each tried to figure out how-to and how-not-to date.  We found ourselves commiserating with each other about boring girls and immature guys as our friendship continued to blossom.

She became a staple guest at all of our parties.  My favorite ever being the time the power went out during one of Denver’s epic snow storms senior year.  A snowball fight ensued and in a terrible instance of friendly fire, Liz popped her head around a corner and thinking it was the enemy I fired and got her square in the face.  In an attempt to make amends I offered to buy her a drink, or two, downstairs.

It was over that drink, at the Border (once again), that I started to see that Liz was much more than a friend, she was my best girl friend.

The Falling
A few weeks later, some friends came over for dinner, including Liz.  We played a game of cards and headed out to meet up with more friends.  Until the day I die I will maintain that I did not initiate this, but Liz’s best friend kissed me that night.

Over dinner the following week Liz asked me to do something that I will never forget.  Liz asked me not to date her best friend, because she had feelings for me and wanted to be more than friends.  (My knack for screwing these things up is uncanny)  To which I responded, “Wow, that really means a lot; you are so special and I consider you to be one of my very best friends.  Thank you.”

Fortunately, even though my head was telling me, “Lex, this is your best friend; if you try dating and it doesn't work out, you’re going to lose her,” my heart began to take over.  I spent the next week toiling over the issue – do I open myself up to the risk of losing my friend?  Or do I open myself up to the possibility of falling in love with my best friend?

After a week of sleepless nights and countless conversations with my ever so astute contingent of friends, I realized that Liz was so smart, fun, beautiful and eager to date me that I would have to be an idiot to turn her down.  Now I’m clearly slow on these issues, but I’m no idiot.

The Beginning of Forever
In another example of Liz’s amazing ability to forgive my dim-witted first responses, she accepted my invitation to chat over gelato.  By the time we were finishing our cones, we were official dating; not like Facebook official but we held hands in public.  We promised each other if anything ever happened we would always be friends.

Fortunately, I have never and will never have to test our resolve, because now after a year of long distance, first, second and third jobs, our first apartment, our first car, our first alpine summit together, and so many more perfect memories, I am marrying the girl of my dreams, my best friend, my source of so much happiness, my Lizzy!!!

I love you with all of my heart Blizzard!